Our latest venture is a very special treat that Germans call Quark (most European cultures have their own version and each one has a different name!). We call our take on this classic dairy delight Dreamy, because it’s creamy, versatile, and delicious. To make Dreamy, we let the cheese set for a longer period of time than we do with hard cheeses.  Soft cheese takes a long time to set but then doesn’t need to be aged to develop its flavor.  After being left alone overnight, Dreamy was ready to be cut and drained.  The cheesecloth bags hung heavy with whey and cheese, but  steadily drained into a delicious lactic treat.  Dreamy adds some creamy cheesiness to a pizza or omelet, but it can also be eaten straight up like yogurt or dolloped on soup.  Its gentle tang adds beautifully to sweet or savory dishes and it can stand on its own to boot. Dreamy is a soft, fresh, cow’s milk cheese. The flavor is slightly tangy, but also creamy. It’s solid enough to spread on a bagel and light enough to whip over fruit.  Dreamy works as sour cream, cream cheese, crème fraîche, mascarpone, ricotta, Devon cream, or strained/Greek yogurt.  Dreamy is on the shelves at the Reverie Artisan Cheese Market now and it’s one of the most versatile and delightful cheeses to be found! Stop by and try it for yourself!