Flory’s Truckle, the Star!

Reverie’s Cheese of the Month for August is undoubtedly Flory’s Truckle! Flory’s Truckle is a raw Jersey cow’s milk cheddar cheese that is wrapped in cloth to age. Because Flory’s is clothbound (rather than smothered in plastic) it dries from the outside in, creating a stronger and more complex flavor and a more crumbly texture than standard cheddars. Flory’s hails from Iowa, but it is aged in Missouri for 12 months. We are not the only ones to think this cheese is remarkable – Flory’s won second place at the American Cheese Society Contest in 2013! Chautauquans clearly have good taste, as in our first weekend alone we went through over 60 pounds this delectable cheese. Fun fact: the word “truckle” is an old English word referring to the shape of the cheese – a tall cylinder.