Kooky and Kickin’ Cajun Cheese Curds

Making cheese curds starts the same way as making any cheese – we got rich grass fed Ayrshire & Jersey cow’s milk, pasteurized it, added cultures so it “ripened”, added rennet so it coagulated, and then cut the curds.  However, these curds are not the completed curds we sell! We drain the whey and compress the curds into a solid mass, cut them into slabs, and stack the slabs so they press each other and drain more. This process is called “cheddaring” and results in a yummy cheddar taste.  After about two hours of stacking and restacking the curds slabs, we sliced them into the cheese curd size and added salt to expel even more whey.  At this point in the process, it was one in the morning so we sealed up the curds, went home, and slept! Later in the morning, feeling refreshed, we sprinkled a pinch salt for flavor and some Cajun spice for a fun kick.  We now have our two flavors: plain, or Kooky Curd and Kickin’ Cajun Curd. The cheese curds squeak delightfully as you munch into them and the flavor is sligthly cheddary. Their size allows for easy snacking.  Step aside, popcorn! This weekend’s movie night will feature Kooky Curds as the starring snack!