Lexington Co-op & Reverie Creamery

A few weeks ago, Reverie Creamery staff, friends, and family gathered in the Gallery to celebrate three years of being in business.   Even though I have only been here since the beginning of summer, this still feels like a monumental moment for Reverie Creamery. This summer was a whirlwind and our aging room certainly needs replenished from top to bottom. That being said, while we take some time to look back, we are also taking plenty of time to gaze forward into a very promising future.


As the leaves change, so does the focus of Reverie Creamery. After flipping back and forth between several different business plans we decided that distributing our award winning cheese should be the number one priority. We’ve had several great customers through the first years – 21 Brix, Brazil & Labyrinth, Forte, 2 Ames and the Athenaeum Hotel in Chautauqua Institution are just a few of them. However as the calendar flips to fall, we’ve got larger targets in our sights.


Bloomy rind Luna on the shelves at Lexington Co-op

One of our largest customers is the wonderful Lexington Coop Markets in Buffalo. With two separate locations, one on Elmwood and another on Hertel, Lexington Coop is the perfect location for Reverie to grow a customer base outside of Chautauqua County. Cheese Coordinators Elizabeth Vogel and Emiliano Lee have been instrumental in aiding Reverie Creamery in the process of packaging, marketing, and distributing our own cheese. We’ve experienced growing pains in the form of ruined shipments and imperfect wheels — but Emi and Elizabeth have been nothing but helpful when it comes to letting us know how we can do better. Now, if you were to visit one of their locations you could find multiple variants of our award winning hard cheeses (Wanderer, Tom and Chamomilla) as well as our surface ripened Luna.  It really is an amazing feeling seeing something you worked so hard to create on the shelves for sale in another location.  Not to mention the feeling that comes from seeing other people talk passionately about your product, which Elizabeth and Emi most certainly do.


Consumers are more conscious than ever of where they source their food and how sustainably it is produced. Lexington Co-op is community owned and does everything within their power not only to source locally but to also return 52 cents of every dollar to the Buffalo Niagara economy. The Co-op also sources organic and rBGH free (Recombinant Bovine Growth Hormone) milks, yogurts and cheeses. Considering that Reverie Creamery uses local, grass-fed, organic milk in cheese production, we are a natural fit for the cheese case at Lexington Co-op.  Distribution is no easy hurdle to overcome, but having such a meaningful partnership with a business like Lexington Co-op from the start will go a long ways for Reverie Creamery.


Spencer Santilli,

General Manager – Reverie Creamery