Pasteurized vs. Unpasteurized ?

It is perfectly safe to eat cheeses made from unpasteurized milk if the cheeses are aged for over 60 days. In fact, harder cheeses made from raw (unpasteurized) milk are, in many cases, preferable because the pasteurization process can kill good things that give the milk flavor and character instead of just bad bacteria. Pasteurization has two main goals: destroy any potential pathogen and help the milk last longer. With our fresh cheeses, this is a good thing! However, aged cheeses can, by nature, last much longer and the aging process negates any risk of disease. Also, pasteurization cannot accomplish its goals without unintended consequences such as less stable curds and less unique flavor. With our fresh milk cheeses, we pasteurize them as gently as possible by heating them to 145 degrees for 30 minutes to kill all of the potential unwanted bacteria without unduly harming the milk and cheese. We use raw milk for our harder aged cheeses. Come taste the difference!