Reverie’s Artisan Cheese Market

Artisan Cheese Market at Reverie Creamery

The Reverie Artisan Cheese Market is now in business! Our store is well stocked with a variety of cheese from all over the world – from Spain and Italy to California and right here in Chautauqua. In addition to cheese, we have all the things that go with cheese, including crackers, jams, honey, and serving boards. As always, our store focuses on the local flavors all around us. Visitors can get a taste of Chautauqua with honey from Panama, maple syrup from Big Tree Maple, soap from Chautauqua Soap Company in Jamestown, and many other local collaborations. These collaborations even flavor our cheese! Our Artisan Cheese Market now carries cheeses made right here that we flavor with maple cream from Big Tree Maple in Lakewood and black garlic from Ribbon Road Organic Garlic Farm in Sherman. Even the unflavored cheese has a local taste, as our milk comes from nearby Allegheny County and all the goats are fed local forage. At Reverie, we celebrate cheese and the sense of place it gives. Much like a wine’s terroir, where a cheese comes from greatly influences the flavor. Come talk to us about it! On any given day in our shop you can meet us, the cheese mongers, and ask us all about cheese!

Our Artisan Cheese Market introduces international flavors to the region and celebrates the flavors at our own back door. We are always happy to give samples so that you know that the cheese you’re getting is one you’ll love. If you don’t really know what you’re looking for, you’re still in luck! We usually feature two or three cheeses so we can showcase different styles and tastes and if none of them strike your fancy (we all have different palates!) you can tell us what flavors you usually like and we can make recommendations. Also, each cheese has its own little write-up so you can see for yourself what sounds delicious! We really do have something for everyone!

We offer a wide variety of cheeses (over 100 different varieties!) and we know each cheese well so we can help you find exactly what you want. That’s what cheese mongers are for! Having a party or small get-together? We will happily help you select a variety of cheese that’s perfect for any occasion.  Also, we can help you pick out the best wines or beers to complement our cheeses and really let the flavors shine. Our cheese market is all about personal interaction so you can get the help you need to make any event memorable. So come visit, experience, and taste with us!