What wonderful news we received last Friday. Tom, a Tomme style cheese made at Reverie won Gold for best Farmstead/Artisan Cheese at the 2016 New York State Fair. We are proud of this win for our beloved Chautauqua County. The Medal will be presented at a ceremony on August 29 at which Riko, Jim, and Rachel will attend. We will post our pictures  when the medal is awarded.

Tom is made of raw cow’s milk – mixed Ayrshire and Jersey, aged more than 60 days. The perfectly edible gray rind is rustic with an earthy aroma of straw. The texture is open, smooth and buttery. This young cheese is fruity, reminiscent of stone fruits, with a yogurty tang, and a slight finish of candied nuts and sea salt.

Tom has been our best selling cheese to date. It will be available again in mid September.


Riko, Jim, Rachel, Mary, Vicky