wine + cheese + beer

Here at Reverie, collaboration is key and we are lucky enough to be surrounded by wineries and brewing companies that make our focus on collaboration result in incredible treats. We are planning to produce a washed rind cheese bathed in sherry from Johnson Estates and have been toying with idea of a goat’s milk cheese washed with Southern Tier’s “Goat Boy” beer. We don’t limit our collaborations to ingredients either. We plan to host cheese and wine and cheese and beer pairings right here in our event space and are considering offering a course on the subject of pairings. In harvest season, our cheeses will be available at local vineyards so you can plan cheese and wine picnics.

With pairings, success largely rides on finding good complements and contrasts. The strength of the beverage and the cheese should be equitable so one doesn’t dominate the others, but with flavor tones and texture contrast can be refreshing! We recommend sauvignon blanc or another comparable local white wine such as a dry Riesling with our fresh goat’s milk cheese. In general, we think white wines that aren’t too heavy or oaky go great with fresh cheeses. For a beer, try a delicate beer to complement and not overwhelm fresh cheeses. Malty beers go well with nutty or sweet cheeses, while hoppy beers go well with tangy goat cheeses or cheddar. As for wine, in general a less complex wine will do better with a more complex cheese and vice versa. It’s all about balance. Complementary flavors and contrasting flavors both should to be to scale. Don’t feel restrained by these suggestions. Experiment with any pairing that intrigues you and decide what works best with your palate. If you’re feeling lost, you can always ask us for recommendations when you visit the shop!