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Room Rental & Catering

Having a party or meeting? Let Reverie host your next special event! We’ll choose the cheese to fit your event. We can help you create the perfect spread of cheeses, crackers and pairings, fruit, nuts and more. For a larger events we’ll provide our custom cheese boards made by a local artist and knives for you to borrow so you can dazzle your guests with an enticing presentation. Or you can make your own unique arrangement yourself, have fun with it!  We also provide cheese cards to designate each cheese. We also have a small kitchen that would work perfect for any outside catering you wish to bring in as Reverie currently no longer has an independent culinary program. We have hosted from baby shower, birthday party to intimate wedding reception and local company’s holiday party.

Cheese Boards

Cheese boards are available for pick up as well! They feature an array of cheeses and treats and can be tailored for any where from 8 to 30 people. You can even pick your own cheeses. We will even lend you the board(s) so you can look like a cheese pro at your next gathering! We also have reusable wooden trays available for purchase so you can have us fill the tray and take it home ready to go! If you ever wanted a cheese tray again just bring back the board and we can prepare another selection ready for any event!

If you have special needs or need a customized cheese board based on your specific budget, please do not hesitate to talk to us. Have a party for 50 or 100 guests? We have done that too, and will craft the perfect arrangement for you palate, budget, and guests.

We will gladly help you to have that memorable event!


Serves up to 10-12 people
4 types of cheeses
Preserves or Honey
Dried Fruits & Nuts (optional)
Add $15 for artisan cured meat (Charcuterie)
12 inch wooden tray included


Serves up to 20 people
4-6 types of cheeses
Preserves or Honey
Dried Fruits & Nuts
Add $25 for artisan cured meat (Charcuterie)
16" square wooden tray included


Multiple Boards
Serves up to 30 +
6-8 types of cheeses
Preserves and or Honey
Dried Fruits & Nuts
artisan cured meats (charcuterie)

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Our cheese mongers are always available to help you with anything you need.  You can always ask for recommendations and recipe ideas. Stop by the shop for a cheese chat and advice!

If your retail store or restaurant needs a selection of cheese that suits your business, please talk to us. We will gladly to assist you.

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